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Dr Sadie (Sara) Hutchings, DVM, CVA

Medical Director

Dr Sadie is thrilled to officially be the Medical Director of the Veterinary Wellness Center of Provincetown. Since she was a tiny toddler she planned on becoming a veterinarian, practicing surgery on her beloved first dog Buddy, with her trusty plastic drills.

Dr Sadie was born and raised on Cape Cod, briefly went over the bridge to attend Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

What keeps her loving her job is the continuous learning, being part of the animal community of the Cape, and being able to continue her passion of integrative medicine through education and practice.

When not running around the hospital, she can be found running after her family of 2 menacing human toddlers, an equally tired other half, 2 spicy dogs, 2 hilarious, internationally renowned goats, 1 neigh (toddler speak for horse), and 2 meow meows (toddler speak for cats). Her hobbies include snowboarding, horseback riding, and dreaming of sleep.

Dr Jeffery Giles

Veterinarian, Amazing Human

Dr Giles graduated from the University of Pennsylvania- School of Vet Med in 1992. He did a one year internship at the MSPCA in Springfield Mass before moving to Boston.

He co-founded the Highland Animal Hospital in Needham MA and has been there since 1995 until his official retirement in 2023. This retirement lasted around 30 minutes before he joined us in Provinctown, which we are very lucky for.  His professional interests include senior care, internal medicine, surgery, and dentistry.

He and his partner have had a home in Provincetown for many years and now are very excited to have become full-time residents. They have 3 dogs and can be seen walking around town trying to tire them out-unsuccessfully!

In his spare time, Dr Giles enjoys cooking, gardening,card games, boating/kayking, fishing, clamming, and bee keeping.

Grace Mirabelle

Customer Service Representative, Future Psychologist and Public Health Champion

Grace is a full time college student at Tulane University in New Orleans.  More importantly, she is Joelle’s mom.  Joelle is a service dog in training for Guiding Eyes.  While Joelle is the apple of Grace’s eye, she so far is getting a D- in Blind Eye College.

Grace joined us for the summer, being thrown into a job that other than training Guide Dogs, she had no experience with.  She became a superstar overnight for us and hearing her connect with people in seconds on the phone was incredible.

While she annoyingly has to return to school, she will continue to help us from a distance with emails and the phone.  We are benefiting from her over-achiever status!

In her spare time, Grace aka Joelle’s Mom, continues to support Joelle to be the best dog she can be, which is hard when you are a 1 year old Labrador.  She also must dedicate 50% of her day to giving her family’s Coy fish pep talks to live.

Katie Daley

Customer Service Representative, Veterinary Assistant, Low Stress Handler to the Stars

Katie grew up in Brewster, and while she lived on a farm in Florida for a while, like so many of us, she came home. But with a few more terriers in her car.

She has been working in small animal medicine for several years and has done nothing but learn. She is dedicated to low stress handling of dogs and cats and is the first one in the room to stick up for an anxious animal. She is also the first to break out the spray cheese. We should all be like Katie. She joins us every other Friday and is at the Animal Hospital of Orleans the other days.

When not at work, Katie is enjoying her 2 Terriers and trying to convince them to enjoy nail trims. She can be found with her partner Tommy enjoying the Cape. And trimming nails.







Jo Lind

Veterinary Assistant, Artist, Champion of all things Charcuterie

Jo is one the newest members of our team and new to veterinary medicine, having recently made a career change. With a background in the arts and project management she is a good mix of the sensitivity our clients and patients deserve and has the ability to jump into our busy clinic environment and support the team, whenever and wherever we need an extra set of hands.

Having lived on a farm in high school and being a fierce animal activist and wildlife lover, nothing makes her happier than finally having the opportunity to work closely with animals and their owners with a common goal in mind to make sure all our pets are safe, happy and healthy!

She is the proud mother of a senior Staffordshire English Bull Terrier, Snacks the wonder dog who also makes regular visits to the Veterinary Wellness Center of Provincetown.  When Snacks allows her time to herself, she is mastering pottery, winning Charcuterie board competitions, and just generally reaching savant status at essentially anything she tries.  We are very grateful for her career change and for Snacks who brought her to us!





Vicki Attanasio

Practice Manager/Client Service Representative/Veterinary Assistant, Multi-Tasker

Vicki is a washashore from Upstate New York.

She began her love of working with animals on a cattle farm in NY, raising calves, and having working Cattle Dogs.

That love moved with her to North Truro 9 years ago. Vicki, her husband, their 3 kids and a pack of 3 crazy dogs call the Cape our home.

She brings 6 years of experience in the Veterinary Small Animal Field, beginning with Client Service, providing utmost care for our clients. Over the years additional education and hands-on experience have added technical skill sets to assist in providing care for patients as well.

Vicki also brings 12 years of small business management experience.

Working with Dr. Hutchings over the years has taught her compassion and the ability to provide exceptional care for small animals and their families. Being a part of the journey that brings us both back to Provincetown has been a dream come true.

She is grateful for the opportunity to serve the families and community that helped my love of Veterinary Medicine grow and flourish.

Taylor Duncan

Veterinary Assistant, Cat Collector, Tooth Scraper

Taylor is our favorite Townie (Yes, she is Adrian’s daughter).  Although she now lives in the yonders of Brewster, her home town of Provincetown is where her heart is.

Taylor is a crazy cat lady extraordinaire, especially to wild tiger cats. She is also a crazy dog mom to two young puppers and specializes in finding the best Etsy dog name tags around.  

She began her career 8 years ago and through years of experience, she has discovered a passion for dentistry, anesthesia, local block/pain management, and  laminating anything. 

When not at work, Taylor is busy trying to locate her dogs in her house (100% of the time they are found in their crate, just where they were left), keeping her cats from harassing wildlife, and planning her upcoming nuptials (congratulations Taylor and Nick!)

We are very grateful to have Taylor back with us and plan on making the most of her favorite veterinary things.


Jenn Dumesco

Veterinary Assistant, C.C.C.L.

Jenn is our resident Snow Bird who joins us every year May- October before she loads up her cats, her #notmydog Felix, and some snacks to head to Florida. She is a CCCL (Certified Crazy Cat Lady) having earned this title years ago, before theaccusations of poor regulation and handing out certificates to anyone surfaced.

Jenn has been in the veterinary field for 4ish years, not only traveling the world to assist in spay/neuter volunteer programs but also working in a very busy emergency hospital while in Florida doing ER/critical work.

Her true passion is for emergency work and spicy cats. The spicier the better. We are very lucky to learn many ER tricks from her while she decompresses at our clinic during the summer.

When not at work, Jenn can be found floating around on a giant unicorn floatie, being #1 Fly Girl to the jet set vet Lynel Tocci, DVM, DACVECC, and slaving away to her cats.




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