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Annual and Bi-annual Wellness Exams

We value the importance of a thorough physical exam and listening to your concerns. It is our opportunity to discuss your concerns and any changes in your pet’s health, assess their nutrition, supplements, environment, and well-being. As our friend’s age, we recommend more frequent opportunities to discuss and make proactive decisions for your pets.

Blood Work

We utilize not only in-house lab testing for immediate concerns but our reference lab for early detection lab work, chronic disease monitoring, thyroid testing, infectious disease screening, and heartworm screening. While our physical exam is vital, we rely on lab work to tell us the things that we cannot see with our physical alone. We recommend screening all senior animals over 10 years old for common conditions on an annual and biannual basis and larger and giant breed dogs starting at 5-7 years old.

Vaccinations and Titers

We have a progressive and individualized approach to every pets vaccine and titer recommendations. We will discuss recommendations with you based on your pets lifestyle, focusing on the safety of your pet most of all.


Acupuncture has been used in veterinary medicine around the world in probably every species of animal. Clinical research has shown positive results in both animals and humans. Acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny needles into specific points of the body to produce a healing response by stimulating that spot. It is most known to help with pain, but can be used to treat many disease conditions like allergies, anxiety, airway disease, and disk disease. Dr Hutchings is a certified acupuncturist though the Chi Institute and not only offers dry needling but also utilizes electroacupuncture, moxa treatment, and aquapuncture, which is the injection of things like Vitamin B, as indicated.

Laser Therapy

Cold laser is a safe, effective way to help with painful conditions and wound healing. It is well tolerated by animals and can help with conditions like disk disease, arthritis, lick granulomas, and other chronic conditions.

House Calls

We offer house call appointments for routine things like physical examinations, vaccinations, lab work, and blood pressures. It can be a more comfortable experience for cats, anxious dogs, or when it is physically challenging to get your pet into the car and to the clinic.


We are able to provide in-clinic digital x-rays capabilities and routinely have board certified radiologists give their expert review. We are able to offer abdominal ultrasounds through a traveling ultrasonographer and limited emergency ultrasound screenings.

International Health Certificates

Dr Hutchings is USDA certified to issue International Health Certificates as well as Domestic Health Certificates. Traveling Internationally with your pet can be a complex and time-consuming process. The process could take a few weeks to many months, depending on the requirements of the destination country. Please explore the USDA website to learn more about traveling with pets.

Nutritional Consults

We believe in the power of whole foods and quality diets. We are here to discuss nutritional options for your pets, including home cooked and therapeutic prescription diets to help achieve optimal wellness.

Senior Care

We love our senior dogs and cats. We offer extended consultations to discuss age related concerns and changes to help them age gracefully.

Illness, Chronic Disease, and Emergency Care

We offer same day sick visits and stabilization of pets during emergencies prior to sending to a local 24 hour care facility. We ask if possible that you call ahead. Using an integrative approach, we can offer progressive diagnostics and treatments for chronic disease like skin allergies. Not only do we utilize modern treatments but can also offer supplement and herbal recommendations.

Palliative and Hospice Care

Every staff member at VWCP personally understands the importance of the time we have with our pets. Palliative care helps us give our best friends the best time as they begin to decline due to age or disease. This time is spent listening to your concerns, helping your family understand expected changes with certain diseases, and creating plans to help support your pet through this process.

End of Life Care

We believe that the final moments with your pet are your time comforting your friend and that the best transition is at home. We want your pet to fall asleep wrapped in their blankets, surrounded by their loved ones. Once asleep, they will be given the last medication to help them transition to the next place. We offer afterbody care through a local, compassionate, honest cremation facility.



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